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4 Ways to Use Sliding Barn Doors in Your Home

Barn doors are hot right now and it looks like the trend is here to stay. For savvy DIYers who want to make the best use of discount building materials, installing barn doors is a great way to take any room’s aesthetic appeal up a notch. There are many simple and effective ways to integrate barn doors into a home, 4 of which we explore below.


Exchanging Regular Doors for Sliding Barn Doors

While regular doors are fine, sliding barn doors can easily replace the style and function. Sliding barn doors are installed on tracks that are attached to an existing door opening. Sliding barn doors are a new and interesting way to separate rooms. Once they are installed, paint or varnish can be added to find your style, from rustic to contemporary.


Install a Sliding Barn Door for Your Bathroom

Installing a sliding barn door can completely transform the entrance to a bathroom. Adding additional touches such as special textures or embellishments to both sides of the door will make it clear to guests that it is the doorway to a bathroom. For example, you can use repurposed wood for your bathroom’s door casing or additional. To save, consider visiting your local discount building materials store.


Separate the Kitchen and TV Room with a Sliding Barn Door

A sliding barn door is a great way to separate the area between your kitchen and TV room. This creates a separation of what are normally the two noisiest areas of the home will be separated but can be opened up easily for social gatherings, family events, or parties. Therefore, a sliding barn door is great for maintaining peace and quiet in one or the other.


Sliding Barn Doors for Children’s Play Areas

A play-space for children is important, and having a sliding barn door can really help enhance this area. Sliding doors cannot be locked from the inside, meaning kids cannot accidentally lock themselves in. Also, a sliding barn door neatly hides messy toys with a beautiful, elegant look.

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