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5 Home Projects You Can Complete Before Thanksgiving

Most people believe that the springtime is the premier time to clean their homes and begin any home improvement projects. The long winter can take a toll on parts of your home and some maintenance projects should be completed as quickly as possible. But if you had a busy spring and summer and still have some tasks to be done. Do not give up, there is still plenty of time before Thanksgiving to improve your home.  Here are some projects that can be completed before “Turkey Day” if you start soon.

1. Exterior Painting. Even in early autumn there are plenty of days warm enough to be outside touching-up their trim, prolonging the life and improving the aesthetics of their home. In the not so distant future, snow and frost could cover your home. So get started sooner, rather than later.

2. Finish Your Basement. You’re likely going to be spending more time indoors when the cool weather increases. Finishing a basement is a terrific way to create an extended living space during the times of the year where you spend much more time inside. Not only does it create more room, but also builds your home’s value if you ever plan on selling. 

3. Perform Maintenance on Appliances. The holiday is a busy season for your indoor home appliances. Appliances such as a washer and dryer, oven, or refridgerator can malfunction every now and then. Be sure to get in contact with a repairman soon so they will not skip a beat when you need them the most.

 4. Replace Windows and/or Doors. If you feel a draft every so often, coming from either your windows or doors, it may be time to replace. In addition to creating a more comfortable space, more energy efficient windows and doors can decrease your heating bill. We’ve created a helpful guide to walk you through replacing your windows on your own. 

5. Adding Insulation. Staying warm and comfortable during the winter is important for staying happy and healthy. A way to support your wellbeing and minimize energy bills is to have an energy auditor visit your home and examine the insulation. If it needs improvement, make the necessary changes to have a warm and healthy holiday season. 

For more helpful information concerning your home improvement needs, visit the McCarren Supply blog. McCarren Supply offers deep discounts on everything you need for your next remodel or do-it-yourself project.

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