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5 Steps to DIY Crown Molding Installation

Each home has its own character and style. Home improvement projects can fine-tune the desired “vibe” of a home. To enhance an area without breaking the bank, consider installing crown molding. Crown molding provides a finished look by joining the walls to the ceiling at softer angles. Follow these steps for DIY crown molding installation.

Step 1: Measure the Room

Measure the linear footage of the entire area you will be installing molding in. When purchasing molding, buy an extra 10-15 percent to allow for cuts and mistakes. Buy a few feet of inexpensive molding if you feel you may need to practice cutting.

Step 2: Cut and Fit Corner Pieces

Use a miter saw to cut both ends of two pieces at 45 degrees each. For inside corners, the top of the molding should be longer, and the bottom should be longer for outside corners. Fit corner pieces together, trimming each by a half a degree, if needed, until the joint fits perfectly into the corner. Secure molding with 2” nails.

Step 3: Find Studs

Mark each stud either with pencil or masking tape. The molding will be secured at the studs. Ceilings aren’t always level, so focus on leveling at the bottom rather than the top. Use a laser leveler to mark where the molding should be placed so that the bottom is level. Place the leveler so it shines one inch below where the molding will be placed. This prevents the molding from interfering with the light.

Step 4: Cut an Install Molding

With the first corner secured, install the molding. Lap joints provide a more seamless finish. Cut the ends at 45-degree angles so that the pieces fit together when installed. Smooth the seams with caulk or wood putty at the end of each section. Nail the pieces in place at the studs. As the molding approaches the next corner, exact measurements and cuts will ensure a snug fit with the adjoining corner piece.

Step 5: Touch-Up

With the molding installed, apply the finishing touches. Use caulk (or wood putty) along the base seam and the ceiling seam, removing any excess with a finger, then wiping the seam with a wet paper towel. Use a hammer to ensure all the nail heads are pressed into the molding. Cover nail heads with spackle or wood putty. 

In about a day, and with around a hundred dollars, an average-sized room can be enhanced with the installation of crown molding. Crown molding can add beauty and charm to your home. Following these steps, you can successfully augment the appeal of a chosen area by installing your own crown molding.

At McCarren Supply, we provide crown molding and trim options to fit your home’s style and your needs. Visit McCarren Supply to browse our selection or visit our store to speak with an associate who can help you find the right fit for you.

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