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Avoid This Common Door-Buying Mistake

Whether it be for a home or a business, a door can have a surprisingly large impact on first impressions. Both interior and exterior doors serve to improve the functionality and appearance of an area. A door is often the focal point which ties room features together. As with all endeavors, there are certain variables to consider when buying a door. One error in door-buying is selecting the wrong material. Consider the points below to avoid this common mistake.


While a door is often beautiful and adds character, its main function is to separate one area from another. For an interior door, decide how much soundproofing is required for a particular doorway. Doors to bathrooms, for example, usually need more noise insulation than laundry room doors. A hollow piece will save money and may be used in out-of-the-way areas, but a solid door (or one filled with dense foam) will help keep a bedroom quieter. 

Longevity and Maintenance

Wood is commonly considered ideal in regards to appearance. If an exterior door is exposed to too much sun or harsh weather, a wood door may have a shorter lifespan than one of a different material. A metal door is commonly used for entryways but infrequently within a home. Like wood, metal expands and contracts significantly, quickly cracking and peeling away any paint. A fiberglass or composite door can withstand a great deal of harsh treatment but may not survive as long as a metal door.


Deciding on a material will inevitably include a budget. An ornamental piece will usually cost more than its plain counterpart, and, of course, “hollow” doors will save money compared with “solid” ones. The purchase price is merely one component of overall price. Remember to include upkeep and longevity in mind when calculating overall cost.

An ideal door will be beautiful, functional, and within your budget. Selecting the best door requires research and decision-making. One such decision is what building materials should be used. Composition affects the functionality, longevity, and price of a door. Keep these points in mind so you can avoid the common mistake of selecting the wrong material.

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