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How to Replace Your Countertops

It is always a good idea to go out of your comfort zone and educate yourself on handy tasks around the house. Do-it-yourself projects such as replacing your countertops can improve the value of your home, while saving you money. But even with Youtube at your fingertips, a project as large as this can be difficult. You will need to start by deciding what material you wish your countertops to be made of, and these days you have a large selection to choose from. Anything from granite to formica are fashionable options, but your budget will be a major factor in determining your preferred material. Here are some helpful steps to walk you through how to successfully replace your countertops.

1. Remove Your Old Countertops. To begin this process, it is vital that you detach any gas or water supply lines. You could have an overwhelming mess on your hands if you neglect to remember this necessary step. Next, you need to loosen the screws and caulk that are keeping your sink secure, then push the sink from the bottom to elevate it off the countertop. Using a utility knife, make a slice through the caulking on the countertop backsplashes. Then finally, you can completely detach the fasteners on the countertops that need replacing.

2. Cut and Fit Your New Countertops. To begin this process, start by measuring the space that will be required for your new countertops. Be sure that you write down the measurement, and note that if you are planning on building around a corner of your kitchen, you need to plan accordingly by cutting diagonally. Next, you will need a fine-tooth saw or a jigsaw to make the cuts for your new countertops. Placing tape over your cutting lines is a good trick to reduce splinters during this process. Finish this step by tracing the sink range space on the countertop and cutting out the sink space.

3. Install and Finish. To begin this final step, you must slide the new countertops back against the wall replacing the older one. Soon after, lay some tape over the backsplash and sand down the countertop. Caulk the joints to be sure the countertops are secured. Next, screw the countertops back into the cabinets when you have finished caulking and sealing the sink and range. Finally, to make you brand new countertops more aesthetically pleasing, use contact cement to glue side strips into place and file down the laminate strips.

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