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Kitchen Planning Timeline

Remodeling a kitchen can enhance the appearance and functionality of a home as well as the home’s resale value. Regardless of whether you prefer a DIY or contracted approach, your remodel will require careful planning. Most homeowners will implement a budget as part of their remodeling plan, comparing prices for virtually every feature in the kitchen. In conjunction with a financial budget, remodelers should establish a “time budget,” or timeline, for their kitchen project. 


Take as much time as needed to dream up the perfect space. When you’re ready to begin the remodel, the first step is planning. Find the best contractor to suit your needs. Apply for building permits, and order any necessary samples. After the initial planning stage, order items for the new kitchen. The “ordering” phase typically takes 1-2 months. One trick for staying within budget is to buy the most expensive items (such as a refrigerator) first, working your way to the least expensive (such as drawer handles.)


Including structural changes, the “rough” building phase usually lasts 5-8 weeks. Removal and demolition should take about a week. If a wall or ceiling needs to be adjusted, allow 2-4 weeks for structural changes. Situating the plumbing and electrical usually takes 3-5 days followed by wall finish, which takes a week. Expect flooring installation to take 2-3 days. Install cabinets, a 3-5 day process, as preparation for ordering countertops.


Order countertops only after the cabinets are installed, ensuring precise measurements and a correct fit. Because countertops are ordered “last minute,” expect this step to take 2-4 weeks for fabrication. While you wait for the countertops, install fixtures such as lighting features. Position appliances to the extent possible, allowing enough room for countertop installation. Hardware installation can take 1-2 weeks, but the process can begin while the countertops are being fabricated. After countertop installation, applying backsplash will take 2-3 days. Allow up to a week for finishing touches.

A kitchen remodel can improve the appearance and value of your entire home. Homeowners should understand the amount of time and money required for such a project. A monetary budget will allow renovators to avoid financial hardship. Likewise, a realistic timeline can prevent future scheduling conflicts and the stress associated with delays or feeling too rushed.

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