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3 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Spring and summer are common times for home projects, both inside and outside. Indoor projects can include a wide range of tasks including cleaning and remodeling. A kitchen remodel can add charm and value to a home. Kitchen countertops are often a big investment, so it is important to make an informed decision when purchasing. We’ve compiled a list of tips for choosing kitchen countertops. 


High-quality countertops can have a significant variance in price. Some factors contributing to a countertop’s cost include material, speed of production, and the company producing it. Laminate countertops are commonly known to be the least expensive. Wood and cement counters are considered mid-range, and granite is usually the most expensive material commonly used for kitchen countertops. Allowing ample time for countertop production will help minimize costs. If a manufacturer is required to fabricate a project quickly, the “rush job” often costs substantially more than standard production rates. Research and choose which countertop manufacturing company has the best reputation for quality, customer satisfaction, and price.  


Although initial cost is a key factor in determining the best countertop material for your needs and budget, long-term costs should also be considered in the purchasing process. Regular maintenance helps increase the lifespan of the countertop, but it requires money and commitment. Laminate is considered low-maintenance, so it may be a good selection for rentals or other scenarios where occupants prefer a hassle-free counter. Wood is sturdy and long-lasting; apply oil monthly to maintain its surface.Granite countertops require refinishing three to four times a year. Falling behind on maintenance can reduce the lifespan and functionality of a countertop, so choose a material you’re committed to maintaining.


Kitchen countertops are functional as well as visually appealing. Determine what type of look your kitchen will have, and select a countertop material that will embody the theme of the kitchen. Choose from a number of edge designs to complete the look. A radius edge design makes the overhang increase toward the middle of the counter, and it will give the kitchen a rounded look. A beveled edge instantly adds elegance to a kitchen. In this design, the countertop widens from top to bottom in a decorative pattern. The egg design gets its name from the appearance of egg-shaped relief patterns in the overhang, often accompanied by relief arches or other designs.

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