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Top Products to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Your bathroom can become a sanctuary — but this oasis only thrives when it helps you feel your best. Here are a few products to consider when remodeling your bathroom in search of a more convenient, calming personal space.

Faucets, Shower Heads, and Vanity Tops: Functionality Matters

Start with the basics: Upgrade your shower with a rainfall shower head or a shower wand to give yourself a spa-like experience. Don’t neglect details like faucets and vanity tops — these elements determine how easy it is to get ready for your day, so they’re worth extra consideration.

Other functional essentials include medicine cabinets and mirrors: They aren’t necessarily the star of the show, but they can dramatically change your bathroom experience. 

As a rule, don’t just pick items that fit within your allotted space. Prefer upgrades that also help you make the most of the available area by keeping things organized with shelves, dividers, and other perks.

What Makes a Good Fixture?

You should also consider replacing your fixtures and deck plates with upgrades made of materials built to last — like brass, stainless steel, nickel, and copper. Choosing faucets, taps, and toilets that are easy to clean and maintain goes a long way toward transforming your bathroom into an ideal, relaxing space.

Vessel Bowls vs. Vanity Tops

The debate over what kind of vanity makes a perfect remodel is a longstanding dispute. Vessel-style sinks are easy to install, but they may take up more space than other sink types — so you should measure your counter heights carefully. Vanities that integrate into countertops give you plenty of storage and counter space, but their installation can be a bit more involved — so you may need extra logistics planning. 

So which wins? In reality, both options work equally well! It really comes down to your personal preference and sense of style.

Set the Tone for a Soothing Personal Space

Your bathroom remodel should be a big-picture project — instead of just thinking about the individual parts, consider how they’ll work together. Have questions? Chat with a McCarren Supply expert to learn more!

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